October 2010

3 burda skirts

Expectations are a funny thing.  In July I expected to be able to work at my normal, non-pregnant pace, and was frustrated when I couldn’t keep up.  After the baby I arrived I expected to be able to do…absolutely nothing.  And then it felt great when I was able to do a little sewing!

I was so anxious to sew some fall things.  Of course I started cutting out an ambitious jacket.  But I quickly realized that if I wanted something to wear, I would have to scale back.  These three skirts have been on my list for a while.  From left to right, Burda 10-2010-106 in orange wool flannel, Burda 11-2008-110 in teal jacquard, and Burda 02-2010-104 in magenta wool.  To save time, I didn’t muslin, just cut on the large side and took the seams in as I went.  I also cut corners on the lining, skipping pressing it for instance.  But most important, I followed the plan I had set out, and by-and-large the instructions.  Carolyn had a post once about how the most time-consuming part of sewing is making all the decisions.  I couldn’t agree more.  Since thinking is not my strong suit at the moment, this may work to my advantage.  I also have to thank all the people (especially David) who held the Joey for a bit while I sewed.

Of course no post is complete now without a dose of cuteness:

Oh yes, and in case you’re wondering, we did in fact name him Joey because his mother is a kangaroo.


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What I’ve been up to

Where has the last month gone?  It went by so quickly.  First I was large…

then I was not so large.

I had a tiny baby

and then he grew…

and grew some more!

We took him to Vermont

and also to New York

where he charmed his grandparents

and his great-aunt and uncle

and his auntie Rebecca.

I finished my sister’s dress

and sewed myself an orange skirt.

But mostly I hung out with my boys.

I love my boys.


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The secret to a gorgeous wedding dress…

is a gorgeous bride!

Congratulations Sam and Rebecca!  We are soooooo happy for you!!!


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