June 2012

More indecision

Here are al the fabrics I want to sew up this summer.  (Plus a couple of tops from last year that I want to work with whatever I make.)  Is it all going to happen?  Probably not.

A few pieces I’ve already decided on and cut out: a Simplicity 3466 cowlneck blouse (previously made here) in cinnamon cotton voile, the Burda over-shirt in moss green poplin (although this piece of fabric kept insisting that it wanted to be pants.  It might have been right).  I also cut out the Burda patch pocket skirt in olive twill, and it’s even half sewed up!

But lots of pieces I can’t decide on.  The green linen has been made (in my mind) into flowing pants, several different dresses, and a top.  The charcoal cotton could be a blouse or a skirt.  The ITY print was supposed to be a dress and now I think will be a straight skirt.  Which leaves 2 yards left to do something with.

How do you decide what to make from a piece of fabric?  Do you buy fabrics with a project in mind or decide on a pattern later?  How often do you change your mind before settling on a project?



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My sewing mind keeps wandering…  I keep thinking about these blouse patterns, wondering if I can add a slightly shaped collar to the blouse with the modified neckline.  Bonni sent me some great ideas about drafting the modcloth dress and now I’m eager to try those out.

And even though I know I have far too many patterns and far too much fabric to make use of I keep getting distracted by new things.  Does anyone else think the recent McCalls and Butterick patterns have been super cute?  I love a lot of their casual patterns.  How rooish are these two:

Last month I fed my fabric addiction by ordering swatches.  The pant fabrics I looked at seemed like they were going to pill on the first washing, but some of the knits were yummy:

I’m thinking about the dress above in the red and green flower print with a cardigan made of olive jersey. Item number 104 on my to-make list.


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