Jacket fever

I have jacket fever.

I am so done with sewing empire-line maternity dresses.  I am so done with 95° + humidity.  I am so ready to sew a bunch of fitted fall jackets and skirts with funky linings and lots of detail.

Yeah, I know I already posted a fall sewing plan with more garments than I could hope to complete.  Guess what?  Here are some more!

First up, a version of the Burdastyle Hikaru jacket with chest pockets àla Elaine’s version in espresso cotton sateen with an olive polka-dot lining:

Next, a motorcycle-style jacket (Burda 7735) made from the same gray cotton I used for the bag in the previous post, and an olive floral print cotton lining.  (I admit I had my eye on the print for a while but couldn’t figure out what on earth I would make from it.  The idea of using it for a lining came directly from the pouch project.)

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the collar on this one but after sketching it out I kind of like it.  Belt might be a bit much.  We’ll see.

And while we’re at it, here are a couple new Burda envelope patterns that showed up online this week.  Thankfully I haven’t bought either the patterns or the fabric for these yet because there’s no way I would get to them and I don’t know how wearable they’d be for me anyway.

These long fitted jackets were everywhere on my favorite Korean clothing site a couple years ago.  I love this style but (a) the largest Korean sizes are too small for me and (b) I can’t really pull off anything that looks like a suiting blazer.  Ah well.  Nice to know I could make one in my size if I wanted. Here are a couple of pics from the Korean site that I liked:

Also, I think I’m on a motorcycle jacket kick.  I love this one too.  Probably wouldn’t look as nice on me as on the skinny-legged model but how cool would this be in a plaid houndstooth?  Much nicer than the blouse-y version in the upcoming August Burdastyle:

Ok, and now I will admit that against my better judgement I went ahead and started muslining the Hikaru jacket.  Yes, I know I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant but I reasoned that I could try it on open and most of my fitting issues are generally with the back.  I cut a straight 40, which is a size up from what I used to cut on top, and made it up without any alterations (except to shorten the sleeves by 1/2″).  Nice pattern!  Now I see why everyone raves about Burda’s drafting.  Anyway, here it is:

I realize now that I have no idea if it will be flattering or not given my current shape.  I like where the seam lines fall on the back on the 40, although I feel like the shoulders are falling off of mine and maybe it could come in a wee bit at the side seams.  I can’t tell if the shoulder thing will be fixed by stiffer fabric and maybe some shoulder pads or if I should shorten the shoulders a bit.  I’m considering making the following alterations and forging ahead

  • shorten shoulders by 1/4-1/2″
  • take in side seams at the waist by 1/4″
  • slash and spread the base of the back peplum by 1/4″ on each side

Alternatively I could save my fabric and wait till I have a shape to fit it to.  What do you think?  Am I crazy?