More virtual sewing

Or…those that can, sew.  Those that can’t, draw.

The pieces of my sister’s dress are done and waiting for a fitting.  So what to do in the meantime?  I don’t have a mannequin of myself as I used to be shaped but I did come across a little croquis I had made.  So here I am trying on my fall sewing ideas:

Most of the skirts have been on my list for a long time.  The blouses ideas are new.  I don’t think I own a single woven blouse.  I never bought them ready-to-wear so it never occurs to me to make them.  But I became obsessed with one of the blouses in the “clown” section of the August Burda (here shown in brown polka-dot), and then I went online looking for more blouse/shirt fabrics (always dangerous).  I found two I liked on sale at FFC and then remembered this wrap-shirt pattern from February’s issue.  What do you think?

More things I’ve posted about before.  I like how the drawings let me try something out without going to the trouble of making it.  For example, I was worried that the second outfit would be unflattering.  I think that figure-wise it works but that it does make me look like a stewardess on a far-eastern airline.  Also, it became clear from the drawing that it has to be worn with heels, which I wear…once every never.  On the other hand I was worried that the Kwik-sew blazer would look too formal.  But I think it’s really cute in the drawing.  So that’s moving back up the list.

I also tried on the six (gulp) jackets I’ve been thinking about making:

My favorites are the gray motorcycle jacket and the orange one with the poofy collar.  I really like the white one as well but it looks an awful lot like last year’s November jacket.  As predicted the long blazer is too formal (though still oddly tempting).  The houndstooth is too fitted and I can’t figure out what I would wear it with.  I’m still not sure about the Hikaru jacket.

So there you go…a year’s worth of sewing in one afternoon.

Is it totally obvious that I stopped going to work on Monday?