First productions of Atelier Roooooo

Here is the dress I made over Christmas:

I wore it to the Symphony last week.  Because really, when else am I going to wear a dress?  I like that it’s made out of coat material and so is super warm.  Also that it makes me look a little like my cat (minus the stylin’ red chapeau):

I wrote a review of this pattern and posted it on Pattern Review.  I love Pattern Review.  Everybody there is so nice.

I also made this floppy-neck t-shirt from some extra-soft cotton I found at Sew-fisticated (no I am not making this name up) in Somerville..

I tried it on before it was hemmed and it was so comfy I didn’t take it off for three days. It’s still not hemmed, but I did make another for my sister. I also washed mine. Not that I think anyone in lab would notice.