Hanging in there

It’s been a rough week.

Waves of contractions, yes.  Baby, not so much.  The doctor says I suffer from “uterine irritability.”  Let’s just say that the uterus and I are not on speaking terms at the moment.

My sis came up this weekend to keep us company.  Amazingly, it looks like the dress is going to work:

Since she didn’t bring any heels to try the dress on with, we made do with what we could find around the house:

Otherwise David has done his best to keep me distracted and comfortable.  We built a nest on the living room couch:

I started another painting.  (I didn’t get all that far).

David got me some more lovely flowers.

And I reorganized my fall fabrics.  I am coming to accept that my fabric stash is basically the 30-something version of my childhood sticker collection.  When I’m feeling more mature I’ll make something from it, but at times like this all I want to do is pull the fabrics out and arrange them and sort them by color and type.

A couple friends and relations wanted to see just how big the belly had gotten.  I think the dress fitting shot above shows it off best but here’s another.  Check out its majesty!