The lure of the jacket muslin proves impossible to resist

So far I’d managed to get through the fall without making a muslin.

I know, I know.  Muslining is supposed to be a sign of sewing maturity.  The problem is…I’m kind of a muslin addict.  I just bought my second 50 yard bolt of muslin (having polished off the first one in under two years).  I’d rather muslin six garments than go through the tedium of actually *sewing* one.  Muslining lets me try out lots of ideas without investing a lot of time.  Only once I’ve made the muslin, I’m tempted to think I understand the garment and immediately lose interest in sewing it.

But having made four bona fide wearable garments, I treated myself to a jacket muslin:

This is Burda 7424, which I had though of making up in a blue-gray houndstooth.  Please excuse the mismatched sleeves: only the one on my right is appropriately shortened.  The mismatched shoulders are me, unfortunately, not the jacket.

What do you think?

The truth is I am trying to decide between three different cropped motorcycle-ish jacket patterns, and this one— being an envelope rather than a magazine pattern— required the least effort to make up.  Here are the other two:

(Burda 12-2008-119)

(Burda 9-2008-104)

Then I’m trying to decide about fabrics.  How wearable is a houndstooth motorcycle jacket really?  Will it keep me warm?  Will it be too ridiculous to wear?  Maybe a cropped black jacket would be more useful.  I found some heavy-weight black wool doubleknit that might work.  Or maybe a heavy dark gray twill:

(Houndstooth on the bottom, twill in the middle, doubleknit on the right)

Not to mention the hikaru military-style jacket that I muslined back in August.  And cut the fabric for.  And now realize needs a swayback adjustment and some other tweaks.

Which one should I make? Help!