Black wool motorcycle jacket

At last!  The jacket I started back in November is finished.  This is definitely the best jacket I have made so far, not least because it is the first jacket I made entirely from a commercial pattern (well, except for the pockets) instead of trying to make it up for myself.  But the construction is also much better.

Having grown up in the 80′s I have a mortal fear and loathing of shoulder pads.  I remember ripping the puffy ones out of sweaters every time we got back from the store.  But I’ve finally come around to the idea that a jacket needs shoulder shaping, if not necessarily shoulder padding.  This time I made myself some extra-thin shoulder supports out of two pieces of heavy-weight canvas.

I thought about adding a sleeve head but decided the seam allowances were bulky enough.  I think the result is a nice shoulder line without the dreaded line-backer look.  (Rebecca, what do you think?)

The fabric was a stash rescue.  I ordered this wool knit ages ago for a dress.  When it turned out to be too heavy and stiff for that purpose I consigned it to the giveaway pile.  Then when I started this jacket I kept scouring the internet for a heavy-weight black or gray fabric with some interesting texture…and there it was right in my stash!  The weight turns outs to be perfect for a jacket and the wool is nice and warm.

I really like this pattern (Burda 7424), and may even make it again in the houndstooth wool I had originally planned.  The cropped length gives the false impression that I’m not so short after all, and after taking 2 inches out of the sleeve length, I finally have a jacket with cuffs that fall at the right place.