Where my palette comes from

When we were in New York last fall, David gave me a wonderful gift.  He held the joey for a whole afternoon while I went to look at fabrics.  I copied out a list of places in the garment district but I didn’t make it past Mood.  Before I went in, I told him “Well, I’m not really looking for anything.”  I came out with six pieces.

Since I didn’t have anything in mind when I went in, I ended up buying my palette:

All but the yellow are knits.  Beautiful soft glorious knits.  I think solid knits are the hardest thing to buy online because they are all about texture and color (for me) and it’s hard to judge those on a screen.

I was so proud of myself for putting together a nice array of colors so quickly.  But it turns out that like most things, I owe this one to my mom.

You see, she made this quilt for me when I was a baby:

We’re working to make sure Joey shares the same taste.