They’re tapered

When my sister was in college, one of her friends hung a pair of men’s pants on the wall.  I remember them looking very similar to these: a nice worsted wool check, somewhat dressy.  When she asked why he had done it, her friend answered: well Rebecca, they’re tapered.

Times change, and my deep horror of tapered pants has been slowly beaten down by a year’s worth of slimly elegant Burda models.  These pants in fact started life as a wide-leg pattern (04-2010-119) but were fitted and edited to look something like 03-2010-109.

I’m not sure how I feel about them.

At times I feel they are rather chic.  At other times I think they look like grandpa pants.  (No offense to any grandpas who recently came to visit us, of course).  Burda models notwithstanding, I think this cut still draws attention to the fact that my legs are neither long nor slim, and I will now return to my regularly scheduled wide-leg pants.

And perhaps if I am lucky these will end up on someone’s wall one day.