A long neglected jacket

Remember the hikaru jacket that I muslined back when I was 8 months pregnant?

I was so excited to work on it.  I had David hold Joey for a few hours while I cut out the shell pieces, and then a few more hours while I cut out the lining pieces.  This was back in the first month when we were both getting by on about 2 hours of sleep and “holding” meant “deal with this wailing infant” so it was a pretty big favor to ask!  Well, after getting everything cut out I realized I still had to cut interfacing, and that I’d forgotten to cut the sleeve linings, and then I started having misgivings about the style of the jacket…and so the pieces ended up at the back of the closet and I moved on to less ambitious post-partum projects.

In my mind I think I had decided this was a spring jacket, and in honor of the season that promises to appear someday I dug out the pieces last weekend.

…and remembered how excited I was about this project!  Both the shell and lining fabrics are bee-ooo-tee-ful, I found the perfect buttons at Mood, and I think I can fix the swayback issues without too much trouble.

So now the last lining pieces are cut, everything that needed interfacing is interfaced, and I’m ready to go:

I tried out a couple different colors of topstitching thread the other night.  I’m leaning towards the yellow, but maybe white would be better.  I think the tan is a little too dull but maybe I won’t think that when there’s a ton of it all over the jacket.  Opinions?

Also wanted to say thanks to everyone who left comments on the paintings and style suggestions for my tapered pants.  I do love colorful scarfs (and colorful shoes, though I wore those more when I lived in San Francisco).  Colorful scarfs were in fact my gateway fabric, and are probably to blame for my current addiction.  I do try to dress a little like my paintings, with a lot of mixed neutrals and small bits of color here and there.  Anyway I thought I would post what I wore on Wednesday, which was inspired by seeing Carolyn’s autumnal colorblocking shortly before I got dressed that morning.

I guess this qualifies as made-by-me because I made the skirt and the t-shirt.  The scarf was purchased specifically to complete this outfit but it turns out that a kelly-green scarf goes with all sorts of things.  Who knew?