The twist top revival continues

Thank you to everyone who left an encouraging comment about my jacket.  And to Laura who said yes it does look like a fly-fishing vest.  Ah, honesty.

Anyway, I did power through and it is mostly done and actually pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  How mostly?  All I need to do is sew the bottom hems of the lining and shell together and add the buttons to the cuffs.  But since it is supposed to hit 100°F today (while pouring continuously) lets just say my motivation to finish a heavy spring/fall jacket is a little…dampened.

To take a break from the jacket making I sewed this dress:

The fabric was a birthday present to myself…a lovely silky rayon lycra knit with 2-way stretch.  The pattern is Butterick 4789.  2 pattern pieces, 4 fabric pieces.  No sleeves, no pockets, no lining, no zipper.  The perfect pick-me-up project.

I made only a few tiny changes to the pattern: a small swayback tuck, then realigning the skirt CB seam so it fell straight.  I also raised and rounded off the neckline at the back. Although I know knit dresses are supposed to  be “easy,” I often find myself fighting to work with the stretchy fabric.  This one went together easily though.  I used bias tape to stabilize the neckline and the opening for the twist.  And the 2-way stretch behaved reasonably well.

When I first planned to post this, I was going to say something like “I know twist dresses are so 2009…” but then I saw this post and this post and there seems to be a twist revival going on!  Which seems totally sensible to me because these patterns give you a great design feature with minimal sewing headaches.  In fact, I think I may make another one myself.