Someday my prints will come

I’ve decided I need more prints in my life.

Print fabrics, that is.  I love the idea of printed fabrics.  But…when I go to browse for them I find there aren’t too many I am drawn to.  This one is too floral, too bright, too geometric, too dull.  None of them are quite what I am looking for and I worry I will get sick of them before I have a chance to sew them up.

The truth is I think I am looking for versions of my color studies on fabric.  Which leads me to wonder if I should try printing or painting them myself.  And leads David to wonder how our small and rather overstuffed apartment can possibly accommodate the inevitable bolts of fabric this will produce.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

(I mean with printing or painting on fabric.)

In the meantime, rather than stuff our apartment with bolts of self-printed fabric, I am stuffing it with a few yards of commercially printed fabric.