A new subject

A blouse is kind of a new subject for me.  I own one woven blouse— the polka dot “clown” blouse I made last fall.  I don’t buy blouses because they always feel too constraining or too shapeless.  I’ve worn my clown blouse a lot but it’s got some serious engineering flaws.  The un-stabilized neckline has grown substantially.  And without sleeves, the weight of the bow in front tends to pull the neckline even lower.  Plus it’s long for me and really more billowy than I would like.  I should never make a pattern that advertises itself as “romantic.”

For my second attempt I used New Look 6022.  Yes, the same pattern that Elizabeth has been making into such lovely dresses.  Unlike Elizabeth, I tried to fit it on the fly.  I cut a 12 tapering to a 10 at the waist.  The hips were too narrow so I left slits open at the sides.  I made a hideous swayback adjustment that I more-or-less fixed with an elastic gather (I was planning to leave that detail off).  Despite the klugey fitting I’m pretty pleased with how it feels: looser than a t-shirt but with a little bit of shape.  I adore the pleats in front.  And the sleeves are frickin’ adorable.

Details:  French seams everywhere.  Neckline stabilized with fusible bias.  Arm holes finished with single-fold bias tape (I’m not sure how crazy I am about this finish.  The tape feels heavy and awkward on the feather-light blouse.  Very stable though.)   Single button closure with a thread loop courtesy of Sherry’s timely tutorial.

The fabric is cotton lawn.  I love this fabric.  Sewing with it feels like origami— it folds and presses so precisely.

Not to mention being  a joy to wear.  I hope this blouse will be the first of many.