Let the fall sewing begin!

Now that it’s September I can start fall sewing in earnest.  You could argue that I’ve been sewing for fall all summer.  Starting with this jacket.  And then all these nice transitional tops.

I have a few modest goals for sewing this fall:

1) Not to buy any more wool suitings.

2) To put a dent in my growing collection of wool knits.

I made a little progress on aim #2 by cutting out a brown top (which might become a dress) and a gray sweater-coat.  Then I made negative progress by ordering more gray wool knit from fabricmart:

I just couldn’t decide if I wanted a short gray wool sweater or a long gray wool sweater.  And when I posed this problem to David he said “Order more.”  You don’t have to ask me twice!

I think the new one looks so nice with these three other fabrics (gray faux suede, light gray cotton knit, and black wool jersey).  I’m wondering if it would be disastrous to try to combine them into a single garment.  Probably.  At the moment I’m just enjoying seeing them stacked together on my sewing table.

About a month ago I came up with a short list of the things I wanted to sew this fall:

I felt good about this list.  They were all simple garments, practical and wearable.  Many from patterns I had made before.  Totally doable in a month or….wait, what’s that brown leather jacket doing on the list?

Oh dear.

Well I guess at the rate I’m working these days that jacket should be ready for fall 2012.

What are you working on?