Color studies

With the jacket out of the way, I thought I’d go back to painting this weekend.

I had an idea for a series of studies inspired by Eric’s comment about mixing big and small brushes.  The idea was to divide up the paper so I had an approximately uniform distribution of spatial frequencies about the same number of big, medium, and small shapes, and then to color each shape in inverse proportion to its size.  So the smallest shapes would have the most intense colors, while the larger shapes were more muted.  The thought was that this would make the bits of color look a bit jewel-like.  

I drew out the design with pencil on gessoed paper, and then painted it in oil.  This is the same combination I used to illustrate my second paper (which, sadly, the journal didn’t run).  I like the texture provided by the paper, the way the oil smudges the pencil in places, and the way the oil paint holds intense color even when it dries (as opposed to watercolor, which always gets duller as it dries).

Of course I did a little sewing too.


This is the second skirt I’ve made from my cloned skirt pattern.  I really like the shape and fit although it still has a bit of a tail in the back. 

When I studied art in Italy, our teacher told us that after painting for a while we would start to see more colors.  I didn’t believe her until I got back to Wisconsin for Christmas, and for the first time saw all sorts of pinks and blues in the formerly gray branches behind our house.  I had the same experience this weekend when I went to cut this fabric after painting all day.  Would you believe that this skirt is full of purples and blues?  

So now I have versions of this skirt in fall and winter colors.  Clearly I need spring and summer versions too.  I already have plans to do a summer wrap version with these two cottons:

But I’m not sure what to do about spring.  Normally I don’t go in for spring colors, but, in the spirit of artistic symmetry, I dutifully went to the Fashion Fabrics Club website and typed “mauve” into the search field.  Currently I am thinking about a jeans-skirt styled version in this dark pink corduroy.  

And I’d love to incorporate this stripey satin somehow:

What do you think?  Good idea/bad idea?  Ridiculous excuse to buy more fabric — absolutely!