Date night dress

Since Joey was born we have only gone out without him once.

And it was with David’s old advisor.

Don’t get me wrong, Steve is a great guy.  But after almost a year and half I thought maybe it was time for an evening with just the two of us.  So the second part of David’s Christmas gift was tickets to the Boston Symphony.  We got Thai food at Bangkok City Restaurant and sat in the very first row at the concert.  I wore my new dress with wool tights and a heavyweight cardigan.  David wore his purple sweater with an olive corduroy sport coat— very sharp.  Since we were too tired when we got home to take pictures you will have to settle for this hanger shot.  Anyway, as David points out, it looks just like the other three versions I have made of this pattern.

I used the rolled hem function to finish the inside edges of the neck facings:

To finish the sleeves, I cut a band of self fabric, folded it in two, serged it to the raw edge, then turned it under and stitched it down with a narrow coverstitch.  At some point I will get tired of marveling at how pretty the new stitches look.  Not yet though.

I made a wide hem at the bottom.  Maybe too wide— 3.5 inches.  It didn’t occur to me till half-way through that this was a form of topstitching, and a pretty unforgiving one at that.  I think it looks ok in the front— it’s a little wavy in the back.

I extended the top to a dress using the skirt pattern from M6163 as a guide.  And in fact that’s the next item on my sewing list.  I’ll probably post some painting first though since that’s what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks.