I have to say I am loving these hanger shots.  Not only do they show the details on the garment much better but it saves me the trouble of changing out of my PJs in order to update the blog.

I bought this faux suede from Fabricmart about a year ago and it is one of my favorite fabrics to work with.  I love how the top has a 3D form of its own, but it feels light and comfortable to wear.

What I don’t like is the neckline.  As in how plunging it is.  At first I was kicking myself for not muslining but when I went back and measured the length of the pattern neckline was 18″ including seam allowance.  It’s now over 20″ measured from the seam.  Other than that I really like the cut of this top .  (It’s Simplicity 3566.)  I love the fit— not tight at all but still nicely shaped.  Once again I think I need to make more woven blouses.  It never occurred to me till recently that you can make woven blouses that don’t look like button-down shirts.

Since I still wanted to rescue this top I had the idea that maybe I could tack up the edges of the neckline like so:

What do you think?  Cheesy?  Not cheesy?  I wore it this way (with thread tacks, not pins) to a party the other day and I think it’s a little cheesy but whatever.  I’ve been thinking about improvisations recently because…I keep trying to think of garment designs of my own.  Not that I don’t have a backlog of patterns but because that’s the hook of sewing right?  You get to wear things that reflect your own personal sensibility.   Your choice of fabric, your fit, so why not your own design?

Only, I find that when I try to think up a design of my own my mind keeps coming back to patterns and garments that I know.  And that’s okay.  I tend to be of the school that thinks that we find our own voice by first copying others.  So long as you credit them there’s nothing wrong with that.  I met a woman the other day who was trained in classical ballet and now composes her own modern dances.  I asked if she ever gets stuck.  She said yes.  I asked how she gets out of it.  She said by improvising.

So here are some first attempts at improvising.  Taking patterns I’ve seen and adding bits and pieces.

What do you think?  Do you design your own garments?  Where do your ideas come from?