Quick and easy knit dress neither quick nor easy

Back in January I made a plan to sew four knit dresses.  In my mind this was going to take one to two months.  In reality it took four.  The last two, in particular, I thought would go quickly since I’d made both patterns before.

I think I ended up over-thinking this one.  I was worried about how the weight of the pleats would stretch out the neckline so I first made up an interfaced facing piece that was far too stiff and showed from the front.  Then I tried an interfaced binding, which was again too stiff.  Finally I just went with a plain binding, exactly how I made it the last time.

The other thing I kept fiddling with was the pleats.  On the envelope it looks like the center pleat hangs straight down but on the pattern itself the center pleats are angled so the fabric opens up making an unflattering line directly to the hips.  I tried adjusting them to get  straighter line but I’m not sure it made much difference.

Despite all the mishaps I think it’s a nice dress and a good match for this print.  I haven’t worn it as much as the chevron one (which I’ve worn 3 or 4 times already) but I think it will get more wear as it warms up.