These are a few of my favorite things

I enjoyed this recent post on the Sewing Lawyer’s blog about which self-made garments she loves and always reached for and which— though well made— often hang in the closet.  Inspired, I pulled out the self-made garments I wear most often. I think you’ll notice some themes.

The most obvious one is color.  Although I like the idea of bright colors, the things I gravitate towards all fall on a spectrum between sienna brown and slate blue.  Not surprising, since this is one of my favorite color axes to paint with:


There are other themes too. Wide necklines (boat, scoop, or cowl), cap or long sleeves, A-line silhouettes, few details concentrated near the neckline.  One thing that jumps out is how few skirts and pants made it into this group, although I’ve sewn a good number of them.  Some are in too nice fabrics, some are too bright, some are cut too straight for biking to work, and many were made just after Joey was born and no longer fit.  I’d like to make a couple everyday skirts and pants in workhorse fabrics, but its hard to find casual bottom-weight fabrics I’m excited about.  Believe me, I’ve been looking 🙂

I do have a piece of olive cotton twill I think would be good for this and I’m trying to think about a pattern.  I love the lines on this one, although from the pictures it looks like its proportioned way too big for me.  Maybe I can scale it down to fit me.