My sewing mind keeps wandering…  I keep thinking about these blouse patterns, wondering if I can add a slightly shaped collar to the blouse with the modified neckline.  Bonni sent me some great ideas about drafting the modcloth dress and now I’m eager to try those out.

And even though I know I have far too many patterns and far too much fabric to make use of I keep getting distracted by new things.  Does anyone else think the recent McCalls and Butterick patterns have been super cute?  I love a lot of their casual patterns.  How rooish are these two:

Last month I fed my fabric addiction by ordering swatches.  The pant fabrics I looked at seemed like they were going to pill on the first washing, but some of the knits were yummy:

I’m thinking about the dress above in the red and green flower print with a cardigan made of olive jersey. Item number 104 on my to-make list.