At summer camp

Sorry for the long radio silence.  David, Joey and I have been away at summer camp.

Or rather, we were teaching in the Neural Systems and Behavior course at Woods Hole, which is like summer camp for scientists, complete with nerdy songs and t-shirts, late night ukelele playing, morning lectures, intensive lab work, and a marathon weekend at the beginning where we had to set up a functional neurophysiology rig from scratch in three days.  It was a blast.

None of this would have been possible with my parents, who graciously agreed to accompany us and take care of Joey.  I’m not sure they realized quite how much laundry this would entail.  At any rate we were very grateful they could join us.

I’ve done a little sewing since we got back.  I finished my olive twill skirt (pictures soon) and I’m slowly finishing up a blouse I started before I left.  To be honest, I’ve mostly been thinking about fall sewing.  And buying fabrics for said fall sewing (bad roo!).  Since the weather’s been nice we’ve been taking Joey out for walks in the evening.  I started going to yoga again and taking Joey to a dance class for toddlers.  Which means I often want to collapse as soon as Joey is in bed.

Anyway we are having a great summer and I hope you are too!