A blazer

I think it is a mark of aging that I can now wear a blazer without feeling totally ridiculous.  Mind you, I made this jacket to wear to job interviews this past winter and I did not land any of the jobs for which I wore the blazer, so maybe I look more ridiculous than I thought.

I used Burdastyle 01-2011-127, a cropped blazer with a neat wrap-around peplum.  The muslin fit well with only a small shortening of the sleeves.  I followed Sherry’s wonderful RTW jacket tutorial to alter the collar, lapel, and facing pieces so they would fold and sit correctly.  The jacket is made from a high-end remnant of black ponte knit from Marcy Tilton, unlined, the corners and collar parts interfaced with some black tricot interfacing from Pam Erny and the facings finished with olive bias tape.  Because it is knit and unlined, it stretches and wears well.  I can wear it easily with the sleeves pushed up and it doesn’t feel (too much) like wearing a jacket.

As for the job search, sadly I can’t give you any updates as the whole thing is still up in the air.  If anyone out there is looking for an academic job in science I highly recommend the following guide:

David and I borrowed this from the library to read to Joey this past winter and both independently concluded that it was about the job search.  Let’s just say that at the moment we are having some issues with a key-slapping slippard.

Here’s the inside, pre-buttons, -buttonholes and -shoulderpads.  I think leaving out a lining was a good move in terms of flexibility and wearing ease although it did get chilly for a few visits to Chicago.  Will I make another one?  I guess it depends on whether this job thing comes through…