Thank you thank you everyone for your comments.  Joe is doing great (for those who asked).  And so are we!

If you look closely you can see that he is wearing his first-ever mama-made garment.  Which also happens to be her first-ever refashioning project: a pair of soft shorts made from an ill-fitting jersey skirt.

I’m not going to show you a close-up because there is nothing nice about the finish on these.  However since I expect them soon to be appliquéed in dirt, yogurt, and peanut butter I decided not to stress the waistband topstitching.  I do like the adjustable button and elastic although joe tells me “don’t like button!”

He’s very particular about his pants, which I guess is not surprising given that most of those he has don’t fit him.  Since these seem to fit well enough and since I was foolish enough to buy 3 of said ill-fitting skirts he will soon have three pairs of shorts.  Just as soon as I find some more waistband elastic.

(The good pictures are by David of course.)