Wardrobe sewing

This is pretty off-season, but I finished my first sewn wardrobe last winter.

I wish I could say this was due to careful planning and discipline but the truth is I was just too lazy to change the thread in my serger.

From left, boatneck top (M6571) in soft gray rayon knit print with charcoal jeans (pattern copied from RTW and modified to fit and have a flare leg).  Middle: black/gray wool stripe cowlneck dress (M6612, cowl reduced slightly and length cropped).  Right, 2 pieces made from rectangles of fabric: 40″x40″ elastic-waist skirt in ITY knit print (double the fabric length-wise, seam, stitch 1″ from the edge to make elastic casing, thread elastic, serge back seam) and cotton knit print scarf.

The most-worn are the jeans, although the most versatile might be the elastic-waist skirt.  Can be worn in the winter over tights or in the summer with a tank top.  Indestructible, washes well, and stretches to accommodate seasonal weight fluctuations.  The trickiest to wear is the stripey dress.  I was so pleased with it I wore it out twice to meet friends— and found that they were wearing essentially the same dress.  That should teach me to sew something because it is trendy!