New digs

Careful readers of the previous post may have noticed the books disappearing from the bookcase behind me.  That’s because we were packing them up.  Or rather, David was packing them up.  I was busy packing up a shockingly large collection of textiles.

This new apartment is kind of awesome.  Which is too bad because we will probably only be here a short while.  In the meantime though I have managed to claim the front third of the living room as a studio, as well as commandeering our former pantry shelves to house my art and sewing supplies:

Close up of the fabric collection.  I took quite a bit of pleasure in organizing these.  And no, it hasn’t escaped my notice that the distribution of colors in my fabric collection almost perfectly matches the distribution of colors in my paintings.  I have some thoughts about this.  More on that later.

Other features of the place include a room of his own for Joey and a dining room big enough to unpack our table.  Having an actual table to eat at has inspired me to kick up my dinner game.  At least on the weekend, or when we have guests.  This was chickpea salad, poached eggs with leeks, home-made hummus, and fried haloumi cheese.  Really, how can you go wrong with fried cheese?