Painting refashion

After the move I found myself with a bunch of canvasses I didn’t really want to put up on the wall, and it occurred to me they might be good material for refashioning.  (I like the idea of refashioning a lot, but haven’t tried it much myself.)  These two paintings were both from 2008, the first year I started oil painting in earnest.  I think I spent many weeks on each of the original paintings, and a few hours on the refashions.  I was glad to see that my range of expression had expanded.

I think the main difference between the old (left) and new (right) paintings is a massive increase in contrast.  Contrast of scale, of value, of texture.

Anyway, I think I get now what’s so fun about refashioning.  The pressure is low because you’re not using new materials.  And that frees you up to try new things.  Here I was playing around with bringing what I learned from abstraction back into landscape paintings.  I think it’s a good start.