A skirt for fall

I made a new skirt.

I really like it.  I realize it is nothing special, and that I probably could have bought something similar.  Or at least I could have 5 years ago, which is when I came across this inspiration image:

Whatever, I like my skirt better.  It is exactly the right shade of yellow ochre.  It has exactly the right amount of A-line flare.  It doesn’t pooch out in the front like most RTW skirts.  It didn’t cost $80 which is what I vaguely recall this skirt costing.  And it only took me 5 years, 3 machines, and I’m-not-going-to-count-how-many-yards-of-fabric to learn how to sew it.

I used the same pattern I used previously for my olive twill skirt, reducing the flare slightly and swapping the patch pockets for standard jeans-style pockets front and back.  I was just finishing up the pockets when I happened to read one of Kyle’s posts in which she mentioned pre-treating some corduroy for pants.  Oops.  I threw the pieces in the wash and dried them then held them up to the pattern pieces to see how much I’d lost.  It was only about 1/4″ on the cross grain but nearly and inch in the length.  I had to recut the waistband (which was cut on the cross grain) and I made a very narrow hem (narrower than in the photo above) but the skirt turned out fine.  See, you can learn anything in five years.

Hmm, now that I notice the dates on these photos it seems I cut this out almost a month ago, so let’s call it five years and one month.  And while I’m clearing out my flashcard here are some other photos I came across:

A twist top made from B4789, started last spring and finished this summer.  Only worn recently when it got cool enough.


A tunic/minidress thingy using M6612 made around the same time.  I like this one too although I have to say the length looks pretty awful in the photo.  Maybe I should hem it.

And Joey’s first day of school!

I’d like you to note that while I was learning to make jeans-style pockets and rescue myself from washing machine sizing disasters, Joey learned to speak English, to make logical inferences, and to generally comport himself as a human being.  And all this took him only 3 years.


Peace out.