10 years of roo pants

I like to keep my favorite pants around for a long time, using them as “art pants” after they’ve become too worn out even to wear to lab.  You may notice a theme to these pants:

There is one pair missing from the series—a lightweight cotton pair that met an untimely end during my neuroanatomy final the first year of grad school when the back pocket caught on the chair and ripped a large hole in the seat.  Before that there were several pairs in a similar style but made of olive green corduroy.  Each of these was my favorite pair of pants for a few years—the pair that was comfortable, went with everything, and made me feel generally good about what I was wearing—then began the long slow decline into art-pants-dom.

A charitable interpretation of this is that I found my “personal silhouette” (as the Sartorialist calls it) early on.  A less charitable interpretation is that my fashion sense is hopelessly trapped in the early nineties.  

With every pair I had a year or two of bliss before the pocket developed a hole, the zipper gave out, and I spilled something on them that I couldn’t wash out.  Then I began the painful search for another perfect pair, which generally coincided with a resurgence in the popularity of tapered stretch pants.  I should note that none of these is really “perfect.”  I was never crazy about the cargo pockets on the first one, the next two are cut too low, and the last one doesn’t even really fit around the waist, which is why I had to replace the buttons several times before finally giving up last fall and moving them into the art pants pile.

But now—now—my days of serial pants relationships are over.  I modified the Simplicity pants I made a few weeks ago and now present to you the Perfect Roo Pants:

Ok, maybe they aren’t that exciting to people who aren’t me.  But check out the waistband facing:

And the back pockets:

And best of all I have the pattern!  Which means I can make them again when these wear out!  

I’m not sure if these are quite the Platonic Ideal of pants yet—maybe they need a waistband on the outside?  But they sure are comfy.