Shades of gray, part II

A gray jacket

Work on the vogue jacket is proceeding s.l.o.w.l.y.  Partly this is because I am actually taking my time, clipping and finishing my seams, for example, so the whole thing does unravel after a week.  Partly it’s because it has been hard to fit.  I actually threw the muslin in the trash at one point, although I did dig it out and continue working on it.  Here are the final muslin pieces laid over the original pattern pieces.  You can see I took a big curved chunk out of the back to account for the fact that my spine is less than straight.   The bust darts are also still too high.  I made them a bit shorter so its not so noticeable but next time I will have to move them down.

The shell is basically done, as you can see above.  I also made a version of the lining:

But now I have to make important stylistic decisions, such as Should it have pockets? and What kind of pockets should they be? and Might the lining be a tad too stripey?

The answer to the first question is of COURSE it should have pockets.  What kind of a roo’s jacket would it be without pockets?  But the second one is more difficult.  I’ve thought about patch pockets:

Although I think it would also look nice with welt pockets:

The disadvantage of welt pockets is that I have no idea how to make them.  Not that this has stopped me before.  I also wonder if it would look better with a solid color lining:

What do you think?