And now for something completely useless

Because its starting to look like we may not get a proper summer this year

And because I’ve now made enough lightweight things to keep me cool in the event of an actual sunny day

And because I really liked this new fall pattern from Simplicity

And because I might have bought a number of lovely gray and silver fabrics recently

And because the flies I spent the last three months making show no phenotype

….I took a day off yesterday and worked on this dress:

Its a silvery houndstooth-ish wool from Sewfisticated, both unseasonal and impractical.  Whatever.  Its done except for the back zipper and a lining.  Not sure quite how I’m going to line it because of the overlap in front.  Probably I’ll just make a kind of slip and sew it together at the shoulders and maybe at the zipper.

I have enough left for a jacket.  I think it will be another version of V8541, shorter and with wider sleeves.  Maybe with a standing collar or maybe with a fold-over collar.  Thoughts?  Opinions?

Speaking of which, does anyone know of a good reference for drafting collars?  I spent a while messing around yesterday with tracing paper and muslin trying to make a standing collar that actually stood straight on my neck.  I ended up with some wiggly thing that curved in at the back and front and out to go over the shoulders.  Is this weird?  Is there a simpler way to do it?  Does this mean my neckline pattern is bad?

Also, would it be wrong to underline this jacket in flannel?  In July????

Parting shot:

This is a family of geese that lives by the BU bridge.  There are both domesticated geese and Canada geese who live there but the people I’ve met who feed them say they’ve never interbred.  I’ve been watching this family for a while and you can see that both parents are the domesticated strain but half the gooselings have orange feet and half have black feet.  I stopped by the other day and they are starting to get their adult feathers….and ones with black feet are Canadas!  So it looks like maybe some Canada gooselings imprinted on domesticated parents.  So what type do you think these Canadas will try to mate with when they grow up?