Slow going

This jacket is turning into a beast.

On my previous jackets I always put the zipper in last and inevitably the two sides didn’t line up.  So this time I thought I’d start by putting in the zipper.  I basted the two center front sections together, basted the zipper to the seam allowance, then topstitched it in place and removed the basting stitches.  But since I wanted it to zip up all the way through the collar that meant attaching the collar at the beginning too.  All this took about two days.

I also thought the jacket would get more wear if I made it warm enough to wear outside through November or so.  Which would hopefully make it warm enough to wear in lab through the winter.  To that end I decided to interline it with cotton flannel.  I followed Ann’s instructions for hand-basting the flannel to the outer fabric.  That part wasn’t too hard.  But adding the extra layer made the seams much bulkier, so each one has taken a while to sew, trim, and press/wrestle into shape.  Here’s the inside of the front section showing the red cotton inter-lining:

I finally got the shell done this weekend.  I left the interlining off the sleeves because I thought it would make them less flexible.  And I hand-stitched the collar facing down to the collar.  The back is still a bit wrinkled but I hope putting the lining in will fix that a bit:

Now I just have to make and insert the lining…