November Jacket — finished!

It’s finished!  I tried to insert the lining with the machine just before I left for vacation.  That was a disaster— the jacket that fell so nicely suddenly developed a horrible flared tail in the back when I sewed in the lining in.  I was glad to take a break from it for a couple weeks.  When I got back I took the seam out and took in the center back panel a little at the bottom.  Then I sewed the lining in by hand.

It actually didn’t take too long.  I used the hemming-my-pants stitch that my mom taught me in high school and that for many many years was the only sewing I did.  (To be honest, I don’t know any other stitches.)  But I think it came out rather well and certainly gave me more control than using the machine.

Overall I am really happy with this jacket.  I was hoping for something casual and lightweight enough to wear inside at work, but warm enough to wear outside in the fall before its time for down.  I was worried that the cotton flannel would make it very bulky but its actually pretty light.  The body is lined in “silk” twill (might be polyester) that is fairly stiff and adds some structure to the jacket.  It also doubles as a wind-breaker when I’m biking.  I left the flannel interlining off the arms and used a thinner more flexible silk for their lining so that I could move and type comfortably.  The only interfacing is in the collar so the jacket is quite comfortable to wear.  My only complaint is that it feels a bit too loose in the lower front.  I wonder if I should have made it more fitted but I think the less-fitted style is more flattering.  And that the collar on my right pulls in a little at the center.  I’m hoping it won’t get too cold too soon so I can wear it for a while.  The snowstorm last weekend wasn’t too promising though.