Thanks for stopping by

I’m a little slow on this whole internet thing so I just figured out today how to add the little Google widget for people to sign in to the site.  So please do sign up so I can find out who’s been stopping by.  (Its down at the bottom of the sidebar.)  Or leave me a comment and tell me something about yourself (For example: Hello, I live in Wisconsin and I’m your mother).  And thanks to everyone who has left a comment already.  Its great to hear from people.

Guess what came today? Jim’s and Becca’s new book! Very exciting.  I’ve also been enjoying Jim’s novel in progress over at Heavy Table.

Also a belated thank you to Cennetta, who nominated my blog for a Kreativ Blogger Award.  Of course I’m totally flattered that she actually reads my blog.  Especially because she has amazing style.  Thanks Cennetta!