A little bit of progress

After moaning for weeks that I hadn’t done any painting this year, and I that had yet to develop a personal style, I did two things this weekend.  One was to upload a bunch of my artwork to Flickr.  Which reminded me just how much art I have.  It was nice to see all in one place, and to be able to organize it into sets.  Check it out.  I also added a nifty app to the sidebar which shows a selection of stuff and also links to my photostream.

I also finished another oil painting.  And I’m not sure why but this one really looks to me like my watercolors and sketches.  Probably because of all the dark line work— I just can’t keep myself from drawing on the canvas.  I’m always operating under the delusion that as I get better at oils, my paintings will start to look like the paintings of artists I admire.  When in fact they will just start looking more like my sketches.  That’s okay.  I’m really happiest and more comfortable with a sketchbook; all the prints and paintings are just ways to make those sketches more permanent.

And, so the sewing folks don’t feel left out I also added a patternreview app that links to my sewing projects.  Including a link to the magical disappearing dress post.  I also finished the muslin for my mom’s dress just in time for Thanksgiving.  So hopefully I’ll have fitting pictures next week.