In Chicago

When I think of a city, the first one I think of is Chicago.  I grew up three hours north of here, my uncle lives here, I went to college here.  Clearly its colors have made an impression on me.  But I still can’t wrap my brain around its size.  It always seems like this was a city built for some larger beings than us.  The city is full of these immense horizontal spaces, gorgeous and empty, too exposed for people to feel comfortable.

I was hoping to get some good reference photos but my viewfinder just seemed too small.  We had a great trek across the city, though.  We started on the south side, having lunch with a friend who had just started her lab at the University of Chicago, and ended the day up in Andersonville with a friend starting his lab at Northwestern.  In between we stopped at Hema’s for what is still the best Indian food I’ve had.  With both friends by the end we’d broken out our notebooks and fallen to brainstorming about experiments.  This is by far and away my favorite part of science.  Of all the creative endeavors I’ve tried, its the easiest to do with other people.