A little list

Along with my ever-expanding list of paintings-to-be I have an equally long list of sewing-I-imagine-I’ll-get-done.  When I’m feeling too lazy to actually sew its kind of fun to draw.  Here are some at the top of the list:

Number one is a sweater-jacket made from one of the gray wool knits I bought at the beginning of the fall.  I don’t actually have a matching rib-knit for the collar but I think just an oversized collar will do.  I’m thinking I’ll start from my basic jacket pattern, maybe shrink it a bit for the stretchier knit, then figure out the collar.  Not sure what I’ll do for a belt.

Another Korean-inspired dress, with fun layers at the hem.  I think I can make this fairly easily from the tunic pattern I worked out last summer.  The main part will be the other gray wool knit.  For the hem I am thinking some oatmeal-colored wool I just got from fabric.com and a bit of a cotton print I just got from Gorgeous Fabrics.

A funnel-neck top from the rest of the paprika-colored cotton knit I got this summer.

A ruffle-collar t-shirt with a center front seam.  I’ve seem these CF seams a couple places now and I really like them.

Finally, a plaid shirtdress made from this wool I’d been lusting after for a while.  I’m thinking of using V8021.  The envelope doesn’t look great but I love Cidell’s version.

What are the chances I’ll actually make all these?