Weekend update

Right.  So one approach to the problem of planning too many projects is to start all of them at the same time. This weekend I cut out fabric for four (four!) different projects. Unfortunately I can’t post any of them because (a) after all that cutting I was too tired to do any sewing and (b) all of them are for people who have been known to check this blog.  So instead I’ll post a picture of this cardigan I made for myself last week.  This is another version of my cafe cardigan, except that sometime since making the last one I misplaced the pattern.  So I faked it. I used my t-shirt pattern for the shoulders, enlarged the sleeves a bit, and drew a line somewhere between the t-shirt width and my woven dress pattern width for the sides.  The back needed a lot of corrections after it was cut out but I think it turned out ok.  If you look carefully you will notice that there is only one pocket.  I decided I wanted to wear it to work on Friday and I figured it wouldn’t be very useful without a pocket.  But after one pocket I got tired and had to go to bed.  Notice a theme?

For this version, I cut the shawl part much wider (13″ instead of 5″) because the last one didn’t seem full enough to me.  I also made a kind of funky hem at the bottom which I think makes it flare out nicely.  I finally learned the trick of hemming knits with a double needle so they stretch, perhaps from Elaine’s blog, though I can’t seem to find the post now.

Also this weekend I’m enjoying my new spectacles, freshly arrived from the internets:

What do you think?