I have a wool problem

Of all the lovely fabrics out there I love wool the best.  Particularly at this time of year when the outside world is trying to kill us and particularly if they are dyed in vibrant rooish colors.

Being on sale doesn’t hurt either.

The plaid on the left came from Gorgeous Fabrics, the orange one is from Fabricmart, and the rest are from fabric.com.  The three on the right are all more purple (and thus more beautiful) than I thought from the pictures and incredibly soft.  So pretty!  I had to have them!

Now of course I have to figure out something to do with all of these.  I’m tempted to just make many versions of my favorite basic skirt pattern, because I think they’ll get the most wear that way.  The delicate plaid on the right might become a dress.  The GF plaid and the orange wool might make good jackets because they are a bit coarser and heavier.  But what would I do with all those jackets?