Holiday Sewing

I will admit that one of my thoughts when I first took up sewing was that it would let me make cool and useful gifts for my friends and family.  For years I’ve been giving my parents paintings for Christmas.  And really, how many paintings do you need?

I will also admit that once I started sewing I became something of a “selfish seamstress.”  In my defense it’s not just that it’s more exciting to sew things for yourself.  Its also that I kind of suck at sewing.  I don’t really care if the lining of my own dress rolls outward or the hem is wonky or the seam lines aren’t straight.  But on a dress for my mom, no way!  Then there’s the matter of fit.  Since I fit by the method of Trial-and-Error, when I make something for myself, I generally try it on about 50 times.  I thought a single muslin would do for my mom’s dress (Butterick 5277) but not so.  When I shortened the back according to the alterations I made on the muslin, it made the front enormous.  So Christmas evening I found myself picking out the seams holding the lining to the dress and taking it in at the shoulders.  Let’s just say I was an unhappy roo.

I had a bit better luck with my sister’s skirt (Vogue 8603).  That’s because I made up the skirt and lining separately at home then fit them to her at my parent’s house before sewing them together.  No surprises on Christmas morning but I think it was worth it for the saved frustration.

Here’s a better picture of the color.  Aren’t Sam and Rebecca adorable?

I decided it was all worthwhile the day we left to return to Boston (also the day I finally finished re-sewing the dress lining, then tacking it down behind the belt because the lining was rolling outward, grrr…).  Giddy about her new dress, my Mom announced that she was going to wear it to her friend’s New Year’s party, in hopes of making the other ladies jealous.  Not that I’m taking any more orders for clothing.  Would anybody care for a painting?

Thanks to David for the awesome photos.