While I explicitly did not resolve to sew through my stash this year, I did resolve to start the year by sewing a bunch of separates.  (A private resolution of course, so no one can call me out on it if I don’t follow through.)  I had a bunch of fabrics earmarked for “quick” tops or skirts and I kept putting off making them because I figured I could whip them up any time.

Lots of these fabrics are really lovely and since I’ve made many of the patterns before I know I’ll wear them if I can just bring myself to put them together.

First up are two tops made from some knits I bought last summer in New York.  These are two of my favorite colors: olive green and burnt orange.  The green one is another version of my favorite cowl-neck top (a modified Simplicity 3634).

The orange one is my take on V8616.  I liked the front seam on this pattern and the pleating at the neckline.  But I don’t generally like wearing turtlenecks and the first version I made of this pattern (intended as a present for a friend) came out so enormous I decided it would be insulting to give it to her.  So I decided to adapt it as a funnel-neck top.  To make this version, I scaled down a size, added 1 5/8″ to the sides of the collar on both front and back, and extended the shoulders by 1 1/2″ (plus an allowance to turn under for a facing).

I get extra points for this one because (a) I did put it on a list a few months ago, even going so far as to sketch it and to post my sketch, and (b) it uses up a scrap from another project so there are no scraps left over.  I like that it has sort of a mod cheongsam look to it, although I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to wear it until it warms up significantly.  (I got chilly just taking this picture.)

I’m not as crazy about the fit of this top as the simplicity t-shirt.  It comes with several front pieces for different cup sizes, and all have extra ease along the sides.  But I found that this just added wrinkles instead of improving the fit— for me anyway. I do like the way the collar pitches forward in the front to fall open nicely.  So I’m glad I worked from this pattern instead of trying to draft it myself.

Anyway I’m happy to add two pieces to my have-done list for 2010, and it’s not even the middle of January yet!