Fit versus finish

Part of what is fascinating to me about reading blogs is seeing what drives people to create.  Everyone has different taste, sure, but it’s also different parts of the process that get us to stay up all night cutting and matching, or to swear we’ll never touch a piece of fabric again.

I am coming to realize that what fascinates me about sewing is the geometry.  I love seeing a 3-D design and trying to figure out how to make it out of flat pieces.  I will spend hours puzzling over how to alter something to make it curve or flare the way I want.  Last spring I bought a 100 yard bolt of muslin and thought I was being extravagant.  Now there are about 15 yards left.

Details and finishes on the other hand make me want to crawl back into bed.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the look of a nicely finished garment: neat corners at the end of zippers, perfectly aligned buttons, impeccable top-sticthing, etc.  It’s just that when I come to this part of a project I always find I’m missing some critical part, or that I absolutely must spend a few hours surfing the internet, or that perhaps now would be a good time to call my sister and see what she’s been up to.  When I inevitably mess this part up, my first instinct is to hurl the garment across the room, and my second is to say hey, I work in a lab, who the hell is going to notice?  If I do convince myself that the right thing to do is tear it out and redo it, I get increasingly bitter and frustrated.  Just because I am not detail-oriented doesn’t mean I’m not a perfectionist.

I say this because I have a full day in front of me to work on what I’d like, and only a few steps left to finish on my vest.  But all I want to do is muslin six new patterns.

Is that so wrong?  What parts of the creative process do you like best?