Ok, done: the perfect lab vest

After my whining yesterday morning I decided I could live with my crummy seam binding and to finish the vest already.  It took me most of the day to cut and sew the armhole facings, to hem the bottom and tack down the facings by hand.  But now that it’s done I’m so happy!  I love the bold bias-cut plaid across the front, the oversized collar, the flannel pockets, the fit across the back.  I love that the gray plaid goes with almost all my long-sleeve tops.  And I’m very happy I left it as a vest, because I think sleeves in this plaid would have been a bit much.

I’m kind of wishing I’d lined it for home-wear just because it’s so cold in here.  (But supposed to hit 57°F tomorrow!  Hooray!)  But I think it will be perfect for lab: casual, warm, pocketed, fits with the dominant lab aesthetic, but doesn’t look like anyone else’s polar fleece.