Dreaming in Color

The big painting is coming along slowly:

Partly this is because all I really want to do these days is hibernate.  But, I have to admit that these muted browns and grays are starting to wear on me.  They seemed really evocative at the end of fall but now that the whole world is these colors they are a little less inspiring.

So I’ve starting thinking about the next series.  Something bold, colorful, and abstract, inspired by (among other things) Myrna’s fabric paintings, Sylvie’s abstract landscapes, and the fabric prints I always wish I cold find.

I’m also starting to think about warm weather sewing.  It seems cruel when the pattern companies post their spring dresses in January and February, knowing that we have a good four months of winter to look forward to.  Usually the spring frocks don’t do much for me but a couple of these Butterick patterns seem promising:

I feel like the empire line is a little low on this one (Butterick 5450) but the pleated bodice is really cute.

I think this is a great way to use a bold print (Butterick 5456).  And I love the back keyhole.

I never got around to making this Burda envelope pattern (7828) last summer but its still high on my to-do list.  Partly that’s because its drafted for a knit but I wanted it in a woven.  I have the perfect piece of olive green linen for it.

This one might work as a transitional piece.  It’s another of those “I never would have looked twice” patterns.  This time it was Trena’s version that made me take notice.  I think I’d probably wear it more as a top though, than as a dress.

I still haven’t dared to put away the winter fabrics.  I’m still hoping to finish a few skirts and some pants before the season ends.  But I have  a couple of cotton prints I’m really looking forward to sewing.  These are both from Gorgeous Fabrics:

Hmm.  Maybe these are less colorful than I thought they were.  I’m trying, ok?