Transition 2010

The months of March through May are tricky to sew for.  The catalogs are full of bright frilly dresses, while the weather (and my temperament) are more suited to drab wool tights and layers.  It’s still pretty cold, except when it isn’t.  And it’s probably going to pour at any second.

This year they are particularly tricky because they happen to coincide with the second trimester of my pregnancy (!).  So not only is the weather changeable, so are my measurements.  And while my well-meaning friends keep assuring me that it isn’t noticeable yet, I can tell, and my tape measure can tell, and the waistbands of the majority of my pants and skirts sure can tell.

All of which means it’s a fine time to plan some new clothes.  As usual, my plans far outstrip my time and ability to sew.  They are also only marginally constrained by what I might realistically wear.

Let’s start with the less wearable:

I love outfits with a lot of long neutral layers.  The mix of lengths and tones gives them visual interest while the subdued palette keeps them from being too attention grabbing (a good thing, for me).  They also just look comfy and easy to wear.  I’m envisioning this top in space-age white, with sparkly-black knit arm-warmers, and the textured pants I’m already working on.  The arm-warmers are what make the outfit but also what make it something I’m unlikely to actually wear.  However, I did find this great pattern for the top:

On the more practical side is this loose, empire-waisted knit dress.  I’m envisioning this in a violet-gray cotton I just bought from Fabricmart, with a kelly-green scarf:

I haven’t found a great pattern for this yet (suggestions welcome), but I may try to adapt it from one of these two Burda patterns.  (And yes, this is actually how big my feet are in my mind.)

Also, I ran across this pattern at the same Etsy store as the space-top.  I think this is a great mid-gestation dress because I can belt it at the waist while I’ve got one, or up higher as it disappears, or wear it unbelted for the full muumuu look:

It also looks ridiculously easy to sew, which is very appealing in my current nap-prone state.

Back on the not-so-sensible side is this super cute Kwik-Sew blazer, to be made up in a gorgeous wool-cashmere.  I know I have a gray jacket already.   And I know that I look ridiculous in blazers.  And I know this is obviously too dressy a pattern and too dressy a fabric for me.  And yet I can’t stop thinking about making it.

What’s on your list for spring?