Thanks to everyone for your congratulations.  The baby is due at the beginning of September, and yes, this was the first mention.  Thanks especially to those commenting for the first time.  It really is a treat to hear from people.

The textured pants are almost done.  Every time I read someone saying they can throw together a pair of pants in a few hours I am filled with horrible jealousy.  It never takes me less than two weeks to make a pair of pants, and that’s assuming I have the pattern muslined and ready to go.  Between the yoke pockets, fly, and waistband there always seem to be more time-consuming details to finish.  But it is so worth it.  Home-made (and home-fit) pants are soooooo much more comfortable than ready-to-wear.

I spent a long time tweaking the fit on these, fiddling with the darts and the side seams to get them to sit properly.  Everything is done now except the waistband.  (Well, and hemming.)  The inside seams are all finished, the lining is in (I’ve never owned a pair of lined trousers before), and the fly is done.  I think this is the best fly construction I’ve done, so I had to post a picture.  Inside (before adding the underlap):

And outside (with underlap):

I’m copying the waistband design for these from a pair of J Crew pants that I found at a thrift store years ago:

I love this built-in buckle design.  It gives the comfort and polish of a belt without the hassle of wearing one.  But finding the hardware for it was a bit of a problem.  Searching for “belt buckles” online turned up many an american-eagle-themed monstrosity, and nothing like the simple design I was looking for.  Fortunately I found exactly what I wanted on a belt at Goodwill.  At $2 for the belt it was also exactly my price.  This evening I ran up to the local fabric store (Sewfisticated) to try to find matching eyelets.  These are a little brighter than the buckle but I’m hoping they will dull with time.

While I was there I noticed they still had some of the black wool/poly jersey I used for my second cafe cardigan.  What luck!  I was looking for a nice black knit to make the extra-long-sleeved top in the first spring outfit.  This isn’t sparkly but I think it will do.  It’s soft enough to wear against the skin and lightweight, but still warm enough for a cool spring day.  (I’m really inspired to start on those outfits after hearing people’s positive feedback.  I had thought the first one was a little weird and roo-ish but it sounds like people liked it.  I’m still waiting for the dress and tunic patterns but now I’ll be able to start on the knit top.)

Finished pictures soon, I promise.