Philadelphia part 1: Friends and fabric

We had such a good time on our trip to Philadelphia I can’t describe it all in one post.  First off, with a little hand-hemming in the hotel room the night before, I did manage to finish my spotted dress:

just in time for my dear friend Emily’s wedding:

We also got to see my college roommates Alec and Rosemary

as well as our grad school friends Javier and Jeannie, our post-doc friend Nicole, David’s youngest brother, and my childhood computer gaming buddy Joel.  (How is it that friends from every stage of life ended up in Philly?  Not sure about that one.)  And, through sheer coincidence, David and I booked our room in the same hotel where Pattern Review Weekend was being held.  So I also got to meet a bunch of new internet friends and have breakfast with the lovely Trena and Miss Celie.  Hooray!  It was great to meet you all!

I did pick up this beautiful piece of embroidered cotton on Fabric Row:

I’m thinking it will be a tunic or blouse.  Maybe this one:

Or this one:

Or this one:

What do you think?