Bad roo

Went to Sewfisticated yesterday afternoon for thread and elastic.  Came back with fabric.  Of course.  And here I was so proud of myself for keeping my stash of summer fabrics under control.  But they had a whole bunch of new cotton and rayon prints in.  And so cheap, $3-4/yd.  So I think I should feel good for limiting myself to one new print, right?

Here are the summer fabrics I had left from last year:

From left to right: green linen and a rayon print from Sewfisticated, swirly purple silk charmeuse and polka-dot cotton lawn from FFC, and a cotton-lycra print from Gorgeous Fabrics.

And here’s what I got this year:

The 3 on the left are my Sewfisticated purchases.  Far left is a silky black poly-rayon knit.  Not actually a summer fabric, but I’m always looking for nice black knits and its so hard to tell what they feel like from the descriptions online.  Second, a small piece of navy linen for a quick (ha!) wrap skirt.  And finally the one rayon print I couldn’t say no to.  They had this sort of stained-glass pattern in a couple different color combinations but the teal was my favorite.  On the right are two rayon-lycra knits from EOS— lovely blue-gray and a cool bird print—which I treated myself to after I “decided” to stick to knits until the kid arrives and my shape (hopefully) stabilizes.

And here are my modest sewing goals for the summer:

For the blue-gray knit I’m planning to make the very timely maternity wrap dress from the latest Burda magazine, but with the bodice from Burda 5456 which I keep posting plans to make and keep not making.  Really, it’s going to happen this time.  For the stained-glass print, a maxi dress using the bodice from Burda 8071 and a self-drafted skirt.  And for the gray bird knit I’m going to try to knock off this RTW dress which I in fact own, and love, and wear all the time:

Not to mention the wrap skirt, and the blouses I posted previously, and a bunch more city paintings, and some more abstract paintings, and some ideas for fabric sculptures.  And, oh yeah, I also need to get a bunch of science done before September.  Rachel and Allison if you’re reading this, I swear I will get those manuscripts done before September.  Promise.