Virtual Sewing

I keep meeting and hearing about women who continue to do amazing things while they are pregnant.  Those who keep jogging through month 8, those who continue to dance, jog, do yoga, stand on their heads.

Me not so much.

I finished the blue jersey dress but haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of it yet.   And I sketched out the drawing for my next New York painting last weekend, but I’ve been too tired in the evenings to break into the paints yet.

Mostly I come home, stretch out on the couch, and spend the evenings fiddling around on the computer:

Yes, there are some summer/maternity things I’d still like to make.  But mostly I’ve been thinking about fall/post-maternity sewing.  I’ve been eagerly following Mary Nanna’s non-planned SWAP, and Amanda’s post-maternity sewing.  I’ll admit I’m jealous that she knows exactly how long it will take for her body to return to normal.  Personally, I’m not even sure what “normal” is anymore.  And it feels like too much of a risk to make things to fit my old shape.  Do I really want to find in October or November that the skirt I made is never going to fit and I’ve wasted a perfectly good piece of fabric?  Not really.

The pattern review wardrobe contest calls for 4 tops, 4 bottoms, 1 free choice, and 1 “topper” that can be worn with all the others.  I think, though, that a better wardrobe for me is 2-3 tops, 2-3 bottoms, and 2-3 cardigans.  I wear a zip- or open-front sweater pretty much every day, summer or winter, for the temperature control and the extra pockets, and I am always looking for more.  It has to be stretchy (not a woven jacket) to give me enough arm mobility for experiments.  Hip-length seems to be the most versatile.  Oh yeah and I might have washed and shrank my black cafe cardigan from last year so I am down one hip-length open-front black top.

This layout was mostly about playing with colors.  I’m not really sure about the patterns.  Probably I will end up making 3 of the same mid-length A-line skirt, since that is my favorite shape to wear, and 3 more cafe cardigans.  (The teal one is going to be a cafe cardigan with a hood, and I might go ahead and make that this summer since it is open in the front and can be worn just fine with a large protruding belly.)  Also the tops may all turn out to be drapey tunic-length cowlnecks.  But I thought I’d make an effort to branch out into some more different shapes, at least in my hypothetical sewing.  The poofy-lapel jacket for the orange wool in the top right is the biggest departure.  It’s from this year’s February Burdamag and probably too dramatic for me, but I keep turning back to it so maybe.